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Time to get your parking lot lines repainted?

3 Stripes Parking Lot Striping Company is at your service. We provide quality pavement marking services to businesses and organizations in metro-Detroit.

Metro-Detroit’s Premier Pavement Marking Company


3 Stripes Parking Lot Striping Company is the Detroit area’s premier parking lot line painting and asphalt marking company. Since our start, we’ve built our reputation on providing professional, high-quality, yet affordable parking lot line striping services for facilities throughout Southeastern Michigan. 



3 Stripes Parking Lot Striping Company offers the following services: 


At 3 Stripes Parking Lot Striping Company, we pride ourselves on creating safe, well-planned parking lots that set you apart from your competitors. And more importantly – provides a great and safe experience for your customers. 



How often should I have my parking lot lines painted?


You should plan to restripe your parking lot no less than every other year. However, in states like Michigan – where our roads contend with brutal (salty!) winter seasons – it’s suggested that you repaint your parking lines every year. You’ll also want to consider the amount of traffic your parking lot gets. Businesses that experience heavy traffic should consider re-striping their lots annually. Furthermore, if you notice your parking lot lines are faded and beat up – it’s definitely time to restripe your lot! Give us a call today to get your parking lot back into tip top shape 313-558-0494.



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Benefits of professional parking lot striping

Federal Compliance

The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design sets forth several requirements to ensure that people with disabilities have adequate accessibility options in parking structures. For instance, when remarking your lots, you must ensure there are a number of handicapped accessible parking spaces available. This number is based on the size of your lot. In addition, depending on the size of your lot and type of facility, you may be required to also provide handicap van accessible parking spaces. Failure to comply with these requirements will leave you vulnerable to hefty fines. 3 Stripes Parking Lot Striping Company is well-versed in federal requirements and can offer proper guidance as you begin your parking lot striping project.  


Customer Satisfaction

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes for a moment. Imagine struggling to get the kids in their car seats, fighting rush hour traffic, and dodging inevitable construction zones to get to your favorite business. But when you get to the parking lot, you can’t find adequate parking. In one row, the parking spaces are too small for anything larger than a Tonka truck. And the spaces that are large enough for a real car, are painted at such an awkward angle that it would be impossible to leave. Frustration level? 100.

At some point, the customer may even decide, “You know what? This isn’t even worth it! I’ll just go to XYZ competitor.” What a tragedy. You’ve invested so much time and money into the inside of your store, but your customers may not even get a chance to experience it because of a poorly-designed parking lot. Allow 3 Stripes Parking Lot Striping Company to ensure you’re making an efficient use of your parking lot space. Whether it’s time to restripe your existing parking lot lines, or if you need a completely new parking lot layout painted – we can help. Give us a call today to discuss your project. 313-558-0494.  

We create safe, well-planned parking lots that set you apart from your competitors and more importantly, provides a great experience for your customers.
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We provide curb painting, fire zone and ADA designations, directional arrows, and other pavement markings to make your parking lot easy and safe to navigate

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